New Line Cinema Had the Opportunity to Make an IRON MAN Movie in 2005 but It Was “Too Heavy to Fly” — GeekTyrant

Iron Man was released by Marvel back in 2008, and it broke open the movie world for fans of comics. We had seen comic book movies be made for the big screen before this, but this was next level, and it laid out a plan for the MCU that is still barreling forward to this day. Just a few years before this, the rights for Iron Man were actually held by New Line Cinema, but they never moved forward with a feature film for a pretty funny reason.

In a recent report from THR, a source claims that “Bob Shaye, the New Line chief at the time, let the option lapse, arguing that it didn’t make sense because Iron Man was too heavy to fly.”

I bet he regrets that decision to this day. It’s pretty silly to think that you would rule out making a comic-based movie because of physics, but I guess his heart just wasn’t in the project. It all worked out for the best for Marvel and its followers, so no hard feelings on our end, but it is funny to laugh about, that is if you’re not Bob Shaye.

Jessica Fisher

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