Today I got an email titled ‘Your Manuscript Account Balance’ which said:

Your Manuscript account is now in arrears in the amount of $31.25.

Use this link to specify a credit card for your account and we will use it to settle your balance:


You can prepay for a year in advance using a check, corporate purchase order, or credit card:*****

Thank you,

FogBugz Customer Success
[email protected]

Fogbugz was an online bugtracker developed by the much respected Fog Creek Software. They sold it some years ago when their company headed off into the stratosphere (Stackoverflow, Trello etc). I think I might have had a free Fogbugz account 10+ years ago. I asked around on Twitter and quite a few people seem to have got the exact same email. It appears that:

  • The venerable FogBugz application was recently sold on to and they appear to be trying to demand money from anyone who ever used FogBugz. Which is likely to be thousands of people.
  • IgniteTech describe themselves as “Where software goes to live”, but “Where software goes to die” might be a better description.
  • FogBugz was renamed to ‘Manuscript’ at some point.

I tried replying to the email, telling them in no uncertain terms that they weren’t going to get a penny from me. This is the reply I got:


In an effort to provide a better experience to our existing customers, we are consolidating our email support channel into our Help-Center. 

In case you need technical support for FogBugz you will be able to submit a case from our 'FogBugz Support Page'. 

Replies made to this mailbox are routed to an unmonitored mailbox. 

Please do not reply to this message. 

Thanks, FogBugz Support Team

It is sad to see someone using dark business practices to try to wring a few pennies from the corpse of a once much-respected product. Does Joel Spolsky know? I don’t think he’d be impressed.

Andy Brice

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