The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Timeless Logo Designed

Now that you have conducted your research and looked at your story’s logo, it’s time to start thinking through the different design components you want to incorporate. If through those first two steps you’ve decided that you want to use words with your logo, be intentional with where you use words. For example, if you are using more than one font, ensure they belong to the same font family. And when it comes to choosing which words to use, never choose more than three. Since you only get the chance to make a lasting first impression once, you want it to be a good one. As this LinkedIn article reminds us, the human brain processes images up to 60,000 faster than words. That means that it’s important to focus on creating a memorable image, rather than a logo filled with forgettable words.


As you transition beyond words to look at which colors you want to use, keep in mind that your color choices can help improve your logo’s personality and grab the attention of your consumers.


With your color choices, keep these tips in mind:

  • Look at the different emotions certain color choices convey,
  • Stay clear of bright colors that may strain a consumer’s eyes,
  • Try to choose no more than three colors,
  • And look at how your colors work together.


When you keep these design elements in mind as you craft your logo, you’ll be ensuring it becomes widely accepted across your audience.


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