AI Has Created An Internet Demon Named ‘Loab’ Who Keeps Haunting Images

Image by Supercomposite and featured with permission

Years back, there was a creepy internet legend describing a man whose face had supposedly shown up in everyone’s dreams. The figure, colloquially known as ‘This Man’, has been dismissed as a hoax.

Now, there’s another such face who’s been paying unwanted visits to imagery, but this time, she’s just as real as the disconcerting phenomenon of AI art generation. Don’t stare too close, or ‘Loab’ might haunt your dreams too.

Loab was first discovered—or, rather, unintentionally summoned—by Swedish musician Supercomposite, who had been experimenting with “negatively-weighted” input on an unknown text-to-image generator at the time. For the uninitiated, negatively-weighted prompts are prompts that tell artificial intelligence to do the complete opposite of the description it is being fed.

Supercomposite got the AI to create something out of the keyword, “Brando::-1,” with the actor Marlon Brando in mind. The unspecified tool was meant to churn out something as different as Marlon Brando as possible, and it generated a black skyline logo with the text “DIGITA PNTICS.”

The artist wondered if the opposite of the same logo was Marlon Brando, so the AI was asked to flip its results. Instead, it invoked Loab.


Images by Supercomposite and featured with permission


As if you weren’t threatened by AI art generators enough…

“To clarify for the press (many are asking for an explanation without jargon): I have brought a real IRL demon to life,” describes Supercomposite. “Research has found that demons are real and live inside of computers. Computers are like little houses for demons and church is like a big house for angels.”

The name ‘Loab’ was chosen by the “demon” herself, who spelled the word “LOAB” on an image. She often turns up as an older woman with menacing eyes and red cheeks.


Images by Supercomposite and featured with permission


Loab consistently shows up in spite of the prompt or genre, including in macabre settings where blood is involved. “The AI reproduced her more easily than most celebrities. Her presence is persistent, and she haunts every image she touches,” notes Supercomposite.


Images by Supercomposite and featured with permission

In hopes to exorcise the woman, Supercomposite tried to distort her likeness by piling on the prompts. She would disappear, and then show up again much later “out of nowhere.”


Images by Supercomposite and featured with permission
“The AI can latch onto the idea of Loab so well that she can persist through generations of this type of crossbreeding, without using the original image,” notes Supercomposite.

If you dare, you can discover more images of Loab by following Supercomposite on Twitter.


Images by Supercomposite and featured with permission


Images by Supercomposite and featured with permission




[via Artnet News and IFLScience, images by Supercomposite and featured with permission]

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