How to make money this year, choosing a niche for a startup

One way to make money is to open an online gambling establishment. Visitors can launch the roulette online casino real money for fun and winnings. To start the wheel, you do not need to leave home. It is enough to place chips on the improvised table for betting. They are transferred to the selected cells with a computer mouse.

It is recommended to read the rules at  first. In addition, it is recommended to listen to the advice of experts, for example, when it comes to the choice of the classic game type (European or American). There are also other tricks that professionals use to reduce the risks. Experts have also made a list of reliable casinos that operate on the basis of licenses.

There are other niches for startups that are in demand. They are selected due to relatively low costs. Such options are preferable to other types of business. More often start-up entrepreneurs are engaged in app development. In addition, e-books are sold. Some businessmen produce environmentally friendly food products.

Top Ten StartupsNiches

The global pandemic has influenced the formation of new business niches. The table below lists the niches for startups that are in the top ten.

1 Home Office Equipment
2 Healthy Food Recipe Books
3 Eco-Friendly Food
4 Home Fitness Supplies
5 Pet Products
6 Smart Home Accessories
7 Means of Getting Around the City
8 Platforms for Online Learning
9 Health & Beauty Products
10 Mobile App Development


Home Office Equipment

During the worldwide pandemic, many people worked from home. This trend continues now as employers have realized its benefits. For example, there is no need to spend money on renting an office or a store. That’s why home office equipment has become a standalone industry. It includes more than just the essentials, which include:

  • phones;
  • laptops;
  • chairs;
  • desks.

Businesses offer a variety of accessories. In addition to the specialized ones, the set may include decorative plates. Vendors sell artwork and stationery. You can read the CNN news article about the devices at

Healthy Food Recipe Books

E-books with recipes can be produced and distributed by subscription. Recipes for meals that are considered healthy are popular at all times. By cooking them, you can take care of yourself and your children. This type of business is the easiest to promote. For example, you can advertise the service on social networks.

Eco-Friendly Food and Products

People care not only about their health but also about the environmental preservation of the planet. Therefore, the production of safe food becomes a profitable decision. Most often they are advertised in the region of production. The goal is to shorten the path from the producer to the end consumer. In this case, the exhaust gases released by vehicles during transportation are also reduced.

Disposable shopping bags can be produced to avoid polluting the planet with disposable bags. Another direction is metal straws for food.

Home Fitness Supplies

Exercising at home is an innovation that has become widespread during the worldwide pandemic. There is a risk of public gyms being closed indefinitely. In addition, visitors are afraid of getting infected. One way out is to buy a treadmill (mechanical or electric).

Compact stationary exercise machines are entering the market. They can be folded for storage. When unfolded, they take up minimal space. In addition to equipment, you can sell electronic training manuals.

Pet Products

Statistically, half of the population has pets. Pet products are popular at all times. Now they can be sold online and advertised on social media. The main types of products include

  • clothing;
  • accessories;
  • toys.

You can come up with your own idea of a direction that will be of interest to cat or dog owners, for example, the production of disposable bags for collecting feces. They can be environmentally friendly and do not pollute the environment. Innovation is e-commerce. It is no longer necessary to open land-based stores and hire salespeople.

Smart Home Accessories

One of the innovations is the smart home. The owners can configure different parameters and monitor them via the Internet. For example, heating devices can be controlled from remote locations. There are smart speakers, where consumers can set the sound volume.

Means of Getting Around the City

Many people are abandoning private cars and public transportation to reduce their carbon footprint. They are opting for scooters and bicycles powered by electricity. Producing such products is an expensive niche.

Platforms for Online Learning

The easiest way is to create a platform for learning, for example, a foreign language. People remember when businesses, schools, and universities were out of work for months because of the pandemic. Now people are learning online subjects that required a teacher just a few years ago

  • drawing;
  • singing;
  • dancing.

There are more and more new platforms. Using them enables users to combine study and work.

Health and Beauty Products

The sale and distribution of health and beauty products remain a profitable activity. The demand is growing very fast. More and more consumers are ordering products via the Internet. In addition to beauty products, it is possible to produce skin and hair care products.

Mobile App Development

The most profitable startups include everything connected with the IT sphere. The simplest direction is the development of applications. It is possible to introduce a free download option. In this case, money is charged only for providing users with additional functions and possibilities.


Online casinos are not the only area for making money. There are ten other niches that are suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs. They are developing rapidly, thanks to the worldwide pandemic. Which niche is the right one to occupy? Everyone decides according to their skills, capabilities, and initial capital.

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