After completing the Frozen Realm quests and welcoming Anna and Elsa to the Valley, you’ll be given a quest name “Breaking the Ice” by Elsa in which you have to break the ice that is blocking the entrance to the Ice Cavern. Elsa heard some sounds coming from the Ice Cavern but she cannot go inside due to Ice blocking the way.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Breaking the Ice quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Breaking the Ice Quest

At the start of the quest, Elsa will tell you to follow her to the Ice Cavern. Follow her to the Ice Cavern in the Forest of Valor area and then she’ll tell you that the big ice pieces are blocking her way and your magic would be able to break the ice. You need to make a Warmth of Summer Potion for your Pickaxe to break the big ice pieces that are blocking the way.

You need to collect the following resources for the Warmth of Summer Potion.

  • 1x Vial of Ocean Water
  • 5x Sunflowers
  • 5x Lemons
  • 2x Sugarcane
  • 3x Garlic

Lemon trees are found in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust area, you need to go to the Lemon tree and interact with it to get the Lemons. Collect 5 Lemons from the Lemon trees in the area. Garlic can only be found in the Forest of Valor and you can collect them from the ground. Garlic is hard to find so if you have a Foraging character with you then you have a chance to get extra Garlic from that character when you find one. Grab 3x Garlic and then go to Dazzle Beach for the rest of the resources.

Go near the Ocean Water and you’ll see a shining item in the water. Interact with it to get the Vial of the Ocean Water. Sunflowers are also grown on Dazzle Beach so, just look for the Sunflowers and grab 5 Sunflowers. After that, you need to get the Sugarcane. Sugarcane seeds are sold by Goofy at his stall on Dazzle Beach. Buy 2 Sugarcane seeds and then plant the seeds. Wait for a few moments and when the seeds are grown, harvest them and you’ll have the Sugarcanes.

After getting all of the resources, go to the Crafting Station and craft the Warmth of Summer Potion with all the resources you’ve just collected. Go to the Potion & Enchantment category and you’ll find the recipe there. Craft the Potion and give Potion to Elsa. She’ll apply the Potion to your Pickaxe and then you need to go to the Ice Cavern and break the big Ice Pieces that are blocking the way.

Go inside the Ice Cavern and clear it with the Ice Pieces and Night Thorns. After clearing the Ice Cavern, talk to Elsa and she’ll create a bridge for you and then you need to clear the rest of the ice from the Ice Cavern. You’ll find the Blue Crest on the ground near the chest and then you need to show the Blue Crest to Elsa and she’ll tell you to place it on the Sculpted Wall. Place the Blue Crest on the wall and then talk to Elsa again and the quest will be ended.


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