Tips for getting back in the school routine –

Tips for getting back in the school routine. Because everyone can use a refresher on back-to-school tips for sleep, homework, school lunch, and more. Hopefully, these tips for getting back in the school routine will make your life a little easier…

Tips for getting back in the school routine

Bedtime and wake-up routine.

Au revoir to the late nights of summer…it’s time to get back on schedule for sleep. Re-introduce school day sleep routines…turn screens off, get into pjs, brush teeth/wash face, read a book together, lights out (or night lights on — if those are needed). And be consistent. Kids need a consistent bed time routine. And wake-up routine too. Set expectations of when to get up, breakfast, getting dressed, teeth brushing/face washing, making bed, making sure everything for school is packed (lunch, gym clothes, forms).


Is homework done before dinner or after dinner? At the kitchen table on at a desk in their room? With music or without? You need to decide how homework is done in your home and stick with your rules of homework.

School lunch.

The Ultimate School Lunch List Index

I HIGHLY recommend reading my THE ULTIMATE SCHOOL LUNCH LIST INDEX post (it is, by far, a reader favourite). Whether you pack a bento, Thermos, sandwich lunch…the downloadable school lunch list in that post is super handy for organizing your meal planning and lunch prep.

School forms, pizza day, field trips

I created a organization strategy where I check the kids’ agendas and school bags for school forms, pizza day information (my favourite school day!), and field trip forms as soon as they get home from school. I also verbally ask, “do you have any papers for me?“. Then, I take them out and sign/fill them out immediately and put them back in the bag. That way, I’m not scrambling to find papers later on. I also mark pizza day and field trips on the family calendar (which is on a cork board in our kitchen for easy reference). That way, I know when NOT to make lunch, when to check the weather forecast for field trips, and when to pack an easier-to-carry lunch (on field trip days I usually pack an easier to carry lunch so that the backpack isn’t weighted down too much).

PD Days and School Breaks

I also mark down, on our school calendar, the PD days and school breaks for the entire year starting in September. I have 3 kids, in 3 different school boards (university, high school and elementary school) and I just can’t mentally keep track of who is off when (because none of them have the same breaks). So putting it all down on the calendar means I can organize my life a little better.

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