‘I wasn’t ready to lose my grip on the dream I’d had since I was a girl.’

Dash: Rushing the Play is the second book in this sports romance series of standalones by Kayley Loring and Connor Crais. We enjoyed the first book Decker but have to say Dash and Charlie’s book is our favourite in this series so far. We loved it! It’s got the opposites attract element when footballer Dash, who’s built like a brick shithouse, falls for Charlie, the tiny ballet dancer. Dash has enough self-confidence and arrogance to launch a pocket rocket, which by the descriptions of him, he could do with his little finger, such is the size of…well literally all of him. We were often reminded of this and feared for Charlie on several occasions. Spanning a few years, you can tell that the big lad fell hard for his tiny dancer, so much so he begins walking a different path, which he brings onto the field with him. We fell in love with Dash, and he charmed the tutu’s off of us!

‘- there was no way this guy could break my heart because I wouldn’t let him in there. Although, there was the distinct possibility that he could do some serious damage to some other very important parts of me.’

When the Coach sends Dash for dancing lessons by the strong ballet dancer, Charlie Bardot, he is not impressed. Dude is a powerhouse and the only dancing he does is the pec-dance with his moobs. Whether you find this hot or not, it always gets a giggle. The banter between this unlikely pairing was fabulous. Instead of a high five, we give it a high jazz hand. They definitely had a strong connection and an attraction that set our kindles on fire.

‘We were barely even the same species. I mean, he was a Honey Badger, for crying out loud. But he was so raw, straightforward, and simple that I guess I found it refreshing.’

Charlie may be little, but she is definitely fierce. Strong-willed, dedicated, confident, and one of the most hilarious characters whilst pregnant. That’s right, this book also has the surprise pregnancy element. Normally we’re not overly keen on those but the way these Authors wrote it was fabulous. There was no unnecessary drama or ‘let’s make one of them the bad guy,’ rather – it was super emotional, funny, and heart-melting and both Dash and Charlie had us in stitches with their interactions. This is definitely another winner from the saucy twosome!

“Oh Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. What are you doing? Is that a challenge? Big mistake. I’m going to boyfriend material the fuck out of you.”
Okay, that was cute. “That doesn’t even make sense.”
He smirked. “Oh yes, it does.”


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