Prepare your home for fall with these simple tips!

Are you ready to prepare your home for fall? Honestly, I am not always eager to say goodbye to the summer season, but this year I am prepared for the shift and eager for some pumpkins and fall leaves.

Preparing your home for fall is more than just breaking out the fall decor.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

1. Go through your clothing.

As the weather slowly gets cooler in temperature, depending on where you live, take time now to go through your clothing. I love to make sure that I have some great layering pieces on hand for myself and the kids. This comes in handy for cool mornings and warmer afternoons.

As you go through your clothing, make a list of what you need. Keep this list in the notes part of your phone for easy access.

2. Clean out your garage and store summer items.

I like to do a big garage clean-out in the spring so this is not a massive decluttering. As we prepare for the fall, let’s focus on removing any obvious clutter and storing away items that we will not be using.

Things you want to look for:

  • Sand Toys- Store them and toss any that are broken.
  • Beach Chairs- Keep these on a shelf or hanging in the garage.
  • Pool Toys/Noodles/Floats- Deflate all of your floats. Keep the ones that are in good condition and remove those that are not. Put the pool toys in a bin to store.
5 Simple tips to prepare your home for fall!

3. Check your fireplace to make sure it is working correctly.

If you have a fireplace, now is a great time to make sure it is ready to be up and running! Make sure the inside is nice and clean. If you don’t have any fireplace tools, check out this great set!

4. Add in some cozy blankets.

Blankets always add so much to a living room. You can also easily go through blankets and need to freshen them up. Check over your blankets and see if you need to add more!

5. Break out the fall decor.

Once you have your home ready, you can break out the fall decor! I always love adding it in slowly over the course of September and October. Check out some simple ideas here.

Budget friendly fall decor ideas

Make sure to join the Fall Declutter Series! It is a 10 day mini challenge designed to help you clear some clutter!

5 Simple tips to prepare your home for fall!

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