by Skip Cohen

Sunday Morning Reflections is always about something other than business and marketing. But, at the same time, I do my best to make it relatable to something in your life.

At the last minute, I had to head out of town on Tuesday but back on Friday. Granted, it was only four days, but I haven’t traveled solo since IUSA last January, and it was tough getting into the routine of being a solo act. There’s that old line: We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. Okay, so that’s over-the-top melodramatic, but it’s so true. From Sheila to the pups, to our home and neighborhood, I realized what a homebody I’ve become…and proud of it.

It started with the time zones – no matter what time I go to sleep, at 3:30 AM PST my body screams, “Wake up!” Then at 8:30 AM I’m ready for lunch. On the second day, I’m a little more adjusted, but only because I was smart enough to go to sleep early the night before. Then just when I’m starting to get into the routine, it’s time to head back to EST!

I was also aware of how unequipped I am to travel on long flights with any reasonable level of patience! I had two flights, each in the three-hour range. From TSA to other passengers, nobody acts like they have a final destination. The TSA agent apologized for the equipment not working by announcing – “Sorry everybody; this happens every time there’s a full moon!” Next, the boarding was delayed almost half an hour because of a leaking coffee pot. And finally, getting off the plane is a collection of people acting surprised that it’s their turn to stand up, wrestle with that over-sized roller board overhead, and get off the plane. 

I don’t want today’s post to be a rant but a reminder. There’s so much we take for granted in our lives. We just assume everything we value is always going to be there. A four-day trip away from home is hardly a crisis, but being on the west coast, while my life is on the east, even with great friends, created just enough of a gap in my life to remind me of just how lucky I am. I didn’t need to click my heels together to know Dorothy was right – there’s no place like home!

And that’s where my eleven-second therapeutic hugs come in with every Sunday post. Use those eleven seconds wisely – it’s not just a sappy hug – it’s an “Oh-Wow” moment recognizing the important role that person plays in your life.

Wishing everybody a day filled with moments that add value to your life and an appreciation for everything you consider part of your routine. Whatever makes you smile is a crucial ingredient to less stress, more creativity, and growth.

Happy Sunday…or Monday on the other side of the world.

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