If You Do Not Think Trump Is The Right One For 2024 – Watching This Should Change Your Mind

This article was written in collaboration with Right Wire Report Contributor, Mariah Katz. 

Life moves fast, and often even though we are living it, we miss the big picture. We react and form opinions based on feelings at the moment rather than truly assess if those feelings were valid in a later review of context and facts. Or we delete the notion of the sum of all, and choose to focus only on specific aspects highlighted for us.

Each of us lived through the last seven years – ‘The Trump Years.’ Did we grasp the big picture? Have we put forth the effort to confirm his accomplishments and analyze outcomes? Are we knowledgeable of what President Trump actually did or did not do? Or are we content to accept a few media narratives as gospel representative of the whole being known as ‘TRUMP?’

Take a moment to review the list of President Trump and his administration’s accomplishments, here, and here.

So, how about we offer a do-over?

Watch these three specifically selected videos today with the benefit of hindsight. Then recalibrate and be intellectually honest about where you stand on your assessment of the 45th president of The United States. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

#1. Trump delivered this speech late in his 2016 campaign for the Presidency. Listen very closely with the advantage of knowing now, his official record as Commander and Chief, and the profound reality of the coup waged against him:


#2 January 2017: President Trump’s Inaugural Speech:

#3. July 2022 Speech delivered by Tom Klingenstein, Chairman of the Claremont Institute – Virtues’ of Trump:

“Trump revealed—not “caused”—the divide in this country. He shifted the Overton window and gave his supporters the breathing room to voice their discontents. This may have been his most important achievement, made possible by qualities independent of policy. You cannot win a war unless you know you are in one.”




Every American should listen to Klingenstein’s eloquent speech.

These are times that try men’s souls…

A proven warrior is required to lead us in and out of what could be our very last battle as a republic. And of all criteria – ‘Love Of Country’ and righteousness in tandem with nothing less than winning will be acceptable, is top on the list.

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Bekah Lyons

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