What are the 3 things you need in life

In life, there are a lot of things that one needs to complete a healthy living. Searching for the things that you need in life and yet to be convinced in what you are getting as an answer, relax for we are here to help you and give you the major things one may need in life. “What are the 3 things you need in life”

Below are the major things one may need in life;


What are the 3 things you need in life?


  1. Love.
  2. Repentance.
  3. Happiness.


  1. Love.

This is one of the major things a person may need in life. For love will provide you everything that you may need at least 70% of it.

There are many types of you in love

  1. Self Love
  2. People’s love.

Self love is the kind of love that you can give to yourself. This kind of love is only found in your heart, and you alone can give that.


How can you love yourself?

You can love yourself by doing the things that makes you happy.

Abstain from anything that may bring you sorrow and pain.

Giving yourself the best body fitness that you need, so as to reduce excess weight and maintain a nice shape that will make you happy after looking at yourself in the mirror.

People’s love is a kind of love that is gotten from people around you, and it may come through your character or your type of person. Love that you may get from people is important for it also contribute to happiness.


How can you achieve that? 

Be kind to people and accept others as one.

Support others in achieving their goals in any way that you can.

By not being rude to other people, be respecting everyone and associating very well with others.

By being humble and jovial to others. As well as being a truthful person.

“What are the 3 things you need in life”


  1. Repentance


This is another major thing that a person may need in life because it will make you appear nice in the eyes of everyone and yourself too including your Creator.

Repentance is not only being a born again, but it involves everything like. Changing from all your evil ways and from the things that causes you pain and others too.

Repenting from your errors and choosing a right way to succeed in life.


How can you achieve that?

First know what to change in your life, and why it should be changed.

You should first understand the thing that needs to be changed in your life and the reason why you have to change it.

Take time to know how to succeed and the things to avoid in other to be successfully in life.

Know when to let go of the things that is not worth staying and again how to welcome the ones that is worth welcoming.

Know those things in your life that can bring cause to the people around you and how to stop them so as to avoid hurting other people.

Repenting from all these things will automatically lead you to a successful life and your life will be healthy and you will be happy.



  1. Happiness.

Happiness covers them all, for if you achieve all those things that are being listed in number one and two, you will feel happy and your life will also be filled with everlasting happiness.

Happiness is in two types;

  1. Happiness from the heart for yourself
  2. Happiness from the heart for others.


Happiness from the heart for yourself, is a kind of happiness one may feel for his or herself, maybe because of the things that are happening around him or her. The happiness that can you feel for yourself.


Happiness from the heart for other people, is also the kind of happiness that a person feels for other people’s achievement and happiness. It’s a happiness gotten from the good thing which may happen to your fellow people.


How can you achieve that?

Appreciating and giving yourself reason to be happy.

Taking time to examine yourself and know what you can do better and what you cannot do better.

Observing your likes and dislikes and focusing on your talents and the things that can bring the best in you.

Know those things to avoid in order not to hurt other people.

Take your time to know the best way to support your fellow human being.

Not being reluctant in other people’s pain and trying your best in making them happy just as you are happy as well.


Happiness is the major thing that covers others in life, all the hustling in life is for the betterment of you and your love ones so that they can be happy and enjoy what you have labored for. Do without happiness and your achievement will one day collapse because your mind will not be at peace to control the entire thing you have got.

“What are the 3 things you need in life”

Other things you may need in life includes;

  1. Maturity.
  2. Peace of mind.
  3. Money.
  4. A good partner
  5. Happy home.
  6. Food.
  7. Clothes.
  8. Light.



Maturity is also important for it tells you that you are old enough to understand what you want and what is not necessary in your life.


Peace of mind is when you understand that it’s not everything that is worth fighting for.


Money is a currency that will help you to live any life you want no matter how much it may cost. Although it is not always important, because it might not be able to buy happiness from the heart or love.


A good partner is one who always understands and will always love and care for you for the rest of your staying together.


Happy home is another thing one can have in his or her relationship, a place where you can relax and have peace.


Food is important in life, because you cannot work properly without eating something for sustenance.


Clothes are also necessary for it is used to cover your nakedness. With clothes nobody will know how and what is happening in your life. No matter the level of clothes, provided that it is neat and suits you.


Electricity contributes to the good living in life. When there is light you will feel happy and you can be able to watch television and charge your cell phone.


In summary

In our first listing, Love, Repentance, and Happiness are the three major things a person may need for a better life, and the other things are added to it to complete a life, even though it is optional.

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“What are the 3 things you need in life”

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