Promoting inclusive ecosystems in underserved communities

Source: (Ismail & Farooq, 2021)

Professors Aisha Ismail, and Sadia Farooq (the University of the Punjab Lahore and JoAnn Rolle (Medgar Evers College, City University of New York) present a model to illustrate and assess inclusive ecosystems addressing challenges specifically of underserved populations through a case study in Pakistan.

The recent pandemic wave has intensified income disparities in economies over the globe. Such disparities are further magnified in the economies with a large proportion of the underserved or marginalized population. Most countries have faced disruptions in their economic, financial and social systems, resulting in both short-term and long-term consequences. These consequences are pretty severe for underserved communities that are in dire need of a sustainable solution for their livelihood. Entrepreneurs belonging to these underserved communities face challenges in accessing and using the resources[1]. These challenges can be converted into opportunities with a holistic approach of including all stakeholders. For an equitable and inclusive society, there is a need to collaborate and develop networks to implement strategies effectively.

 The research in the study is hoped to be useful to policymakers, practitioners, industry, and community leaders in developing transformative ecosystems that will improve the sustainability of businesses.

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