Dr Disrespect Reveals Gameplay Footage For His Upcoming Game ‘Deadrop’

Popular streamer Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, most notably known as Dr Disrespect, revealed early footage of his upcoming game ‘Deadrop’ and fans are not too happy about what has been revealed so far. The game has already seen a fair bit of controversy with Doc’s ‘Midnight Studio’ choosing to implement non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game. The game is being marketed as the world’s first vertical extraction shooter and early access is being granted to fans who purchase the $50 USD Founder’s Access Passes.

Why are fans unhappy about Deadrop?

The game is early in the development process and most of the content that is accessible right now is subject to change. The focus of this build was to establish the foundation for core player movement, weapon systems, and to introduce an environment in which to test the first weapon. In addition, the current early access version marks the beginning of authentication, profile, account, dedicated server support, and code to support future Deadrop multiplayer functionality.

The minimum system specifications have also been revealed by the developers:

  • Windows 10

  • 4.2 GHz i7-7700k

  • 32 GB RAM

  • 20 GB available

  • HDD space

  • NVIDIA GTX 1080

The current early access build has poor gun mechanics, no animations in some cases, and the framerates are unstable. Fans should not judge the final product when trying the game out in early access. However, the inclusion of NFTs has divided the community.

10,000 NFTs were made available to players who purchased the Founders Access Pass. The game offers procedurally generated NFTs of characters that will become the players’ in-game avatars. More rounds of early access passes and NFTs will be made available later in the development cycle.

Being asked to pay $50 USD for an early access title, from what is essentially an indie studio with no track record, is something a lot of players are unhappy about. Some gamers feel that the game , while Doc himself had claimed that his game looks better than the Call of Duty engine in Modern Warfare 2. There is currently no official word on when the game will be available for release or an open beta. The game’s early build has just one area which is essentially a gun range and just one weapon to test out.

Abhimannu Das

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