Apple Releases ‘Switching to iPhone’ to Indoctrinate Android Users – fpt.

Overlord Timothy Cook has released some glorious new propaganda- I mean video material to bring our lost Android brothers home to our lovely iFlock. Praise be to the notch.

Switching to iPhone. All your questions answered. All hail Tim.

Apple released a very tactical video on how to switch to iPhone today, being aimed at Android users who are considering the switch. Its basically just a FAQ video going over some basic sh*t that you would find in a Google search. No seriously, you’ll literally find a page on called “Switch to iPhone”, it’s already a thing.’s “Switch to iPhone” page. – Image by Apple

So that begs the question of why make a whole friggin’ video with content an already existing webpage goes over in a better, easier to digest way?

Because the new iPhone 14 is gonna be announced in like a month or something, ya silly pants! Jeez, you’re so silly – what a silly little tiny little face you have.

Brian Shoop

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