Valve Introduces New Dota 2 Treasure Drop With the Chest of Endless Days

For a long time, the Dota 2 community has been devoid of items and chest drops that could actually be sold by the players, but Valve finally has brought this popular aspect back in some form. Although item drops are still not possible, treasure drops return with the newly announced Chest of Endless Days. Instead of being purchased, the Chest of Endless Days will drop randomly to players as they compete in Dota 2 matchmaking. There are “thirteen all-new item sets” in this treasure, including a Rare Witch Doctor and a Very Rare Hoodwink set, as well as an Ultra Rare Invoker Kid set.

Chest of Endless Days will drop during Dota 2 ranked matchmaking

“Today’s update introduces a treasure drop that features thirteen all-new item sets — the Chest of Endless Days,” Valve wrote in a blog post on its website.

If you’re lucky enough to get a drop of the Chest of Endless Days, you will need a key in order to open it. There is one key for each treasure that costs $2.49 USD. In the case that users do not wish to purchase the key, they can either continue to keep the treasure or may choose to sell it entirely on the market instead.

The treasure contains thirteen item sets for the heroes listed below:

  1. Luna

  2. Templar Assassin

  3. Weaver

  4. Nature’s Prophet

  5. Viper

  6. Drow Ranger

  7. Wraith King

  8. Pangolier

  9. Winter Wyvern

  10. Lycan

  11. Witch Doctor (Rare)

  12. Hoodwink (Very Rare)

  13. Kid Invoker (Ultra Rare)

The original Kid Invoker set will be automatically granted to users, if not already owned, who win the Ultra Rare Kid Invoker set in this treasure.

Here is a video that gives a glimpse of the thirteen new item sets in the Chest of Endless Days.

As a matter of fact, it was once a thing to be able to sell Treasure drops, and in addition, users would also sometimes receive drops of Rare hero items and Arcanas, which were also marketable. Over time, these drops started to become unmarketable and untradable, and further, their drop frequency also declined. Currently, only extremely lucky folks get drops of items and treasures, which they can either use themselves or gift once.

While the initial community reactions to the return of Treasure drops with keys have been rather positive, it will be interesting to see how frequently users tend to receive these drops during Dota 2 matchmaking.

Rakshak Kathuria

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