The Time Traveler’s Wife Finale Closes the Loop

28-year-old Henry then tries to dissuade 20-year-old Clare from hiring a videographer for the wedding. He doesn’t want to keep time traveling back to that day. This scene is five weeks before the wedding day. Clare tells him she wants to preserve the memories. Charisse notices Henry is grumpy and it’s because Richard is invited to the wedding. We already have seen their relationship isn’t the best and it’s clear that it’s largely due to their shared grief over losing Annette, and Richard’s alcoholism. 

While Henry is sleeping he travels to the future where he sees a house with a tree in the backyard. This is clearly Clare and Henry’s future house. He sees Clare crying as she’s rewatching the wedding video. Younger Henry goes back to the present where there’s still a lot of wedding prep to do. Clare asks why Henry hasn’t seen doctors for managing his condition. Henry then takes Clare to meet Richard for the first time. This meeting is far less awkward than when Henry met Clare’s parents. Richard is surprised by Clare not being blonde (ie she’s not Ingrid). Henry and Clare reveal the big day is October 23rd at a yacht club picked by Clare’s mom. 

Henry then time travels to an empty living room. He has to hide because he sees 29-year-old Henry and 21-year-old Clare touring the house with a real estate agent. Clare can’t believe this is going to be their house but Henry tells her he’s seen it many times before. They joke about how they’re able to afford the place but Henry uses his abilities to play the lottery. The story moves to four weeks before the wedding and once again Richard is drinking. Henry tells him he’s time-traveling more often because he’s stressed. Instead of revisiting his mother’s death, he keeps returning to the future house with Clare. A trip to Bloomingdales to shop for registry items triggers another trip to the future. We then move to one week before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner. Gomez and Mark appear to be getting along. Clare’s parents are once again stanning Annette. Clare’s parents are turning the wedding into a Broadway production which makes Henry nervous about if he’s able to be there for the whole ceremony. 

Henry realizes that he needs some kind of medical intervention to stop time traveling. Clare suggests he should go to a real doctor but Henry doesn’t want to become someone’s case study. Two days before the wedding he drives to a working-class neighborhood to meet a guy named Ben who has less-than legal drugs. Gomez is also there supposedly to meet with a client. Ben has an entire lab in his house because he has AIDS and is experimenting with pharmaceutical formulas not condoned by the medical establishment. The series’ decision to have Henry and Clare living in 2022 makes Ben’s plot line slightly out of step with our own history. In the novel, Henry visited Ben during the height of the AIDS crisis when treatments were not widely available and patients were discriminated against. The show takes place in the early 2000s which is when there was more access to prescription drugs to counteract the virus. 

Ben shows Henry a pill containing morphine and some other mystery ingredients. The pill is intended for Henry to take the morning of the wedding but he swallows it. Gomez bangs on the door of Ben’s lab to find out what’s going on but encounters Henry passed out and then disappears. 28-year-old Henry keeps being pulled into the future at various points and stays there for several hours. These trips contain key clues toward Henry and Clare’s future in the house with the tree outside. In one of them, you see Clare throw a wine glass at Henry. Another short scene appears to be after Henry’s death because everyone in the house is dressed in black and Clare and Gomez are hugging outside. 

The most important scene is when 36-year-old Henry finds 28-year-old Henry after seeing Clare crying in her studio. First of all Older Henry tells younger Henry that he’s not technically married to Clare because “he didn’t stick the landing”. Clare is crying because she has had several miscarriages. One of them is represented in a sculpture. Older Henry knows they happened because the fetus time travels in utero. He also tells Henry he had a vasectomy but didn’t tell Clare. Younger Henry yells at him for hiding the truth from Clare but Older Henry advises him that the procedure is the only way to stop the repetitive trauma. Both of them disappear after Clare asks them what they were talking about.

Louisa Mellor

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