10 Cool & Affordable Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Summer is almost upon us and that means the school break is also looming. While it’s great to spend as much time as you can with your children, it’s also frustrating when you can’t think of what to do. Spending time at home only keeps them occupied for so long!

If you’re struggling for inspiration on what to do with your little ones this summer, check out this list for some easy and seriously fun options!

Explore Nature at a Botanical Garden
Heading into the Great Outdoors is a fantastic option during the summer break, even if the weather isn’t on your side. Botanical gardens are ideal because they’re full of exotic species to explore and most also have playgrounds and plenty of space to roam too. 

Sample Gastronomy at a Farmer’s Market
There’s sure to be a farmer’s market close to you, and you might not realize that it’s a fantastic place to take the kids! While you do your shopping, the kids can sample different types of fruits, vegetables, and other delicious snacks, and you’re also doing your bit for the local farmers. 

Check Out The Stars at an Observatory 
If you have an observatory close to you, it’s the ideal place to take your kids to learn about space, stars, and a fun activity too. Most observatories have day and night time viewings where you can us the telescopes and ask questions of the staff if your kids want to learn more. 

Grab Some Fresh Air on a Hike
Comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water – that’s all you need for a day out in nature while enjoying a hike. There are countless trails up and down the country and many are ideal for families. One things’s for sure, you’ll tire your child out for a great night’s sleep. 

Enjoy a Movie Al Fresco 
If there are any outdoor movies nights close to your home, be sure to head on down there with a picnic, some blankets, and enjoy the movie. But, if you can’t find any local options, why not make your own? All you need is a large TV or projector, some blankets, cushions, and some fairy lights for extra sparkle. 

Create a Family Time Capsule 
Summer is the ideal time to create a time capsule. Each of you should add something to the capsule, and spend some time putting together the ideal keepsake for the future. Then, bury it in the garden! You can choose when you’re going to open it, but it needs to be a while in the future. 

Clear Out Your Junk With a Garage Sale
It’s a face that kids are far more likely to sell your junk than you are – that’s just the way it goes! Have a big clear out and then sell everything you don’t want in a garage sale. You can split the profits between the kids and let them buy something special. 

Create Rock Mementos 
Have your children collect large, smooth rocks and then let them decorate them with paints and anything else they want to add. Then, they can give the to family members and friends as gifts. This is a great idea for letting their creativity run wild. 

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Enjoy a Treasure Hunt
This is a great community activity you can arrange with other parents. Set up a scavenger hunt and let the kids search for treasure. Whoever gets the most wins a prize and you can document the whole thing with photos and create a great memories to look back on in the future.  

BBQ Fun And Games 
Everyone loves a good, old BBQ and you can take it a step further by setting up fun stations where your kids can make food too. How about a Mexican theme, or ice cream machine, or fruit kebab making? The options are endless and truly delicious. 

With these great ideas, there’s no reason for anyone to be bored this coming summer. 


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