5 Perfect Career Combinations for Couples

Some couples can’t spend too much time together, or they fight. These couples happily spend all day apart and then enjoy spending time with one another in the evenings and on the weekend. Other couples work well together and complement one another. Some of these couples use their strong relationship skills to propel themselves into successful careers working with one another. If you’re one of the latter couples, you may benefit from career combinations for couples.

The following careers lend themselves to successful working partnerships:


One of the hottest career combinations for couples is that of interior designer and contractor. These couples find a house in need of some love and care. The partner who is the designer creates the layout and design, and the contractor partner arranges the labor and works to make the designer’s vision a reality. Then, they can sell the house for a nice profit.

Real Estate Agent/Contractor

Another excellent career combination for couples is real estate agent and contractor. The HGTV television show, Flip or Flop Vegas, highlights this combination where the wife is a realtor, and the husband is a contractor. With this combination, the realtor partner can handle the buying and selling of property while the contractor handles the home improvement issues.

Pilot/Flight Attendant

If one partner is a pilot and the other is a flight attendant, they may be able to fly on the same flight together. Since pilots and flight attendants can spend long days far from home, flying together offers them the opportunity to forego long absences.

However, whether they can fly together depends on if the airline they work for allows it. Also, they have to have a similar level of seniority; otherwise, someone with higher seniority can choose to work the flight.

Writer/Blog Publisher

Thanks to the prevalence of online jobs, many partners work together on blogs or vlogs. Often, one partner is the creative type that produces most of the material, and the other partner works behind the scenes perhaps publishing and advertising the blog or YouTube channel. For instance, Money Saving Mom is operated by a couple. The wife does the writing and social media presence while her lawyer husband works behind the scenes handling legal aspects of the blog.

Tenant Management/Maintenance

Career Combinations for Couples

Another career option for couples is tenant management and maintenance. When my husband and I first moved to Chicago, we rented from a husband/wife team. He showed the apartments and maintained the lawns. She handled the finance end and also arranged for any repairs needed. They owned four properties.

You could buy properties as a couple or manage a large apartment complex and likely get free rent in exchange for a portion of your work.

Final Thoughts

If you and your spouse get along and make a great team, you may benefit from one of these five perfect career combinations for couples.

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