Oever Gallery: A Concrete Canvas for Contemporary Art in Ostend by 5AM Design Studio

Named after the Dutch word for shore due to its waterfront location, 5AM conceived the gallery space as a minimal, stripped-down version of the street artist’s canvas, namely the urban environment, hence the prominent use of raw concrete and grainy stucco, the combination of smooth and rough textures, and the mirror and brushed aluminium accents. A monochrome palette of grey hues that echoes Ostend’s predominant colour further enhances the urban concept and imbues the gallery with a calming ambience while splashes of aquamarine blue in the toilet and the iconic Bold chairs by Swiss design studio Big-Game for French brand Moustache offer vibrant visual jolts. A freestanding display system made up of different sized glossy rounded volumes offers flexibility and convenience, as well as playfully reinforces the urban jungle theme. As 5AM designer Amber Feijen says, “functionality can and should be beautiful”.

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