SEO for artists (2022) Best keywords for your art on Google

#4: Subject Matters

Would you rather have a link from a curator’s blog or a beauty magazine? It will have more value if it’s related to art or the subject matter. For example, if you are a feminist activist artist fighting for equal rights with your art, the backlink doesn’t need to be from an art site. The link can be from any website article talking about politics, social studies or legal studies.

#5: DoFollow link

Even if it is not as important as before, ask or check for a DoFollow link. A NoFollow link isn’t great. You can use this Chrome extension to check.

#6: Links from Social media

Links from social media do not provide any value for your SEO. The only benefit they provide is traffic to your website. Search engines like Google will not take the links into account if they are from a social media post or story.

#7:Links from galleries?

Links from galleries are great, but few galleries will agree to make a link. After all, they are the middlemen. If they embed a link to your personal website, they could potentially lose business. You need to convince them, or even switch to a more open-minded gallery partner. And if you have a catalog of prices on your website, you will need to be on the same page as your galleries. You could not price your art cheaper on your own site than on the gallery’s site.

#8: Search Your Niche

Whatever kind of visual expression you are making, someone else in the world could have been working in a similar direction. When you search for your kind of art, you can also find out what others are doing and how they are perceived. For example, if you are in abstract art, search for the galleries and artists in this niche. Contact them, learn from them. Make a search on Google Image to learn about how people view abstract art in this country or language. It might inspire you in many ways.

#9: Human Link

Would you like to be a reference in your niche with lots of great links? You can’t do it all by yourself. You need to connect with others who are sharing the same interest. “Internet is a table for two”. However, we tend to forget that they are real people on the other side of the screenwriting to request a link from ourselves (and vice versa). Forget about links for one moment. Ask about the person you are contacting, his/her projects, future plans, even life stories. Invite him/her for a video chat. Once you establish a human connection, everything else should just unfold naturally.

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