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DIY Fidget Spinner Fishing Reel Catches Fish!!! (FISHING CHALLENGE)

The worlds first DIY fidget spinner fishing reel!! I had this wild idea that I just had to make a reality. I incorporated a fishing reel with a fidget spinner and headed out on the water to use it and and try and catch fish…AND I DID! This was a blast to do and I […]

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Fish Eye View of Fishing Lures

This is an underwater (fish-eye) view of a few different fishing lures. I look at a buzz bait, rapala, jointed rapala, chatter bait, spoon, jitterbug, plastic grub, plastic worm, cicada, spinner, willow leaf spinner, inline spinner, etc. I caught my largest largemouth bass, an 8lb bass, on the jitterbug. **If the video was neat, please […]

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