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Full Shoulder Workout

“In this routine we demonstrate a shoulder workout comprising of Military Press, Dumbbell Press, Side Lateral Raises, Reverse Cable Crossovers and Shrugs to give you a complete shoulder workout. If you want to grow larger shoulder muscles this workout is the perfect workout for you.” Full Shoulder Workout

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How To Build Big Arms Fast ?

“We can use supersets at the end of our workout to create high amounts of metabolic stress for our assistance muscle groups (arms and shoulders). As we keep the rest periods short, and pair up antagonistic muscle groups (biceps & triceps) we’re able to add a lot of volume and stress in a short period […]

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“Why Can’t I Lose Weight?!” Here’s The #1 Reason

“Video Summary:” ““Why Can’t I Lose Weight?!” Here’s The #1 Reason If you feel like you can’t lose weight even though you’re following a healthy low calorie diet and exercising, the solution is probably way simpler than you think. No, it’s not that you have a “slow metabolism” or are suffering from “metabolic adaptation”… […]

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