Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish

Air Swimmers are like blimps on ‘roids. These supremely large helium balloons feature remote-controlled tail fins that allow you to propel them through the air as if they’re swimming in the sea.

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You can even raise or lower the 57-inch “balloons” mid-air via the remote.

Each Air Swimmer balloon is made from ultra-durable nylon, which means it can float for weeks at a time. Its one-way valve allows for easy filling, emptying, and re-filling.

Easy operation for kids 8 and up thanks to a simple infra-red remote that features only two buttons (left/right and climb/dive). Air Swimmers Flying Remote Control Fish are available in two styles: Clownfish and Great White Shark.


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21 thoughts on “Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Fish

  1. What a rip off. I bought 2 and paid $40 for a helium tank which may not fill both. The tanks are not 100 percent helium which will not work correctly. Can only be used indoors and can not touch carpet , etc May last for 5 hours. Complicated to put together. I threw them in the trash and will try to find some one to use the helium tank. Out cost of 2 baloons, shipping and $40 for helium tank. Includes so many "don't does".

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