Bass Fishing PARADISE Hidden In The Mountains

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Within less than 24hrs of touching down Mexico I landed the biggest bass of my entire life on one of the most epic lakes I’ve ever fished.

–Young Plugg

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36 thoughts on “Bass Fishing PARADISE Hidden In The Mountains

  1. And Jon on day one makes the same mistake that AP makes. Picks up baits he want's to throw instead of the bait's that everyone is telling him is catching Giants. Only catches a big one when he sets down the top water.

  2. Jon B. bro, very small request/idea, you should head to North Western Ohio and do some serious Steelhead, and Coho Salmon fishing. You could possibly catch up with, and colab with Fish Fray from that area, he could put you on some nice size Salmon bro.

  3. Jon, keep up the amazing work, I love watching your cinematic shots and exciting content. Seeing you smile after catching even your first fish in Mexico made me smile. Keep fishing, never stop!

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