Coolnice Automatic Fishing Rod Holder Demo

This was a little tricky to figure out at first but once I figured it out it works pretty good. It’s like a big mouse trap, you have to set it. it’s a little hard to set at first but it can be done. Be very careful it doesn’t spring back on you. I stuck the rod holder in a solid piece of ground after I set it. It would be impossible for me to set this after it’s in the ground. I’m not very big or strong so if I can do it anyone can. It worked for me and I’ll be using it for now on so I can fish with a couple rods. This is not for kids though. My dad likes it to because he fishes with several rods also. It has settings on the side for tension and even though they are in Chinese I could figure it out.

Ground support auto fishing rod holder:
boat fishing rod holder:
fishing bite alarm:
fishing rod case:


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8 thoughts on “Coolnice Automatic Fishing Rod Holder Demo

  1. So basically a fishing rod that fishes for you. If I ever hear anyone calling themselves fishermen while using this, I'm ripping that fucking thing in half and pummeling them to death with it. What a disgrace

  2. I just loosened the nut so I could get the darn thing loose but guess what the f happened the thing you set for sensitive hits I pulled the pin out lmao the damn pin fell in the grass can't find it going to take a miracle to find a similar pin. home depot here i come. unfing believable.

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