Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy and How to Fix It?

http://amzn.to/2AZaRlF – Changing your aquarium water is a huge deal! I advise buying a water changer. It hooks up to your faucet and pushes and pulls water out.

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Got sent this question and figured I’d post a video answering it. Tank changes are the answer to fixing your cloudy fish tank water and I give some possible reasons why it may have happened. Let me know what you think.

Alright. Before I say screw it and throw in the towel….. again…. anyone have any ideas what this is? It has killed 2 of my Dalmatian Mollies and is now getting her. Afraid it’s going to kill all of my fish. How do I get rid of it? What do I need to use? What do I need to do? The last Dalmatian to get it, someone said to use Primafix. We stopped halfway through it because we started losing fish every day. Should we use it again. http://bettafishcaretaker.com/

I couldn’t get a pic of her other side, but the other side is worse. I can’t really see any thing in the pics! What are the symptoms? How long has the tank been running? Water parameters? this is our tank 🙁 water tested perfect not that long ago.. need another test.. tank has been up for about 2 months. She has a bump on her side and her scales look pinecony around that spot.

Looks like dropsy to me since I think I can see pine coning. More pictures please. Does anybody have thoughts or recommendations on this bump on my Blue Dwarf’s mouth please? I thought it was looking better but it does not go away. He is acting just as happy and social as ever. He lives in a 36 gallon with just 6 tetras right now. I have a few more tetras and 2 cory catfish waiting in quarantine to join, and their time is up but I do not want to move them until I have solved this mystery. Thank you!

So goldfish jumped out of the tank this morning and got carried around the house by the dog. It’s missing a bunch of scales and fins aren’t in the greatest shape but apparently he’s still alive. Anything extra I can do to help him? Wow, and he’s still alive ? I have no suggestions other then keep him alone and have him recover if possible if not you must stop the suffering I guess.

No need to treat anything at this point. Just keep the water clean. Don’t treat for anything you don’t have. Medication will only add to the stress of an already stressful situation. A MEthylene blue bath will help deliver extra oxygen to the blood and will stain any places the slime coat has been removed. It’s a wonderful blue liquid that is used for ammonia and nitrite burns as well as used in place of QT when new fish are introduced. It will help him recover more quickly, and as the world has said.

Clean water and frequent partials to keep mineralization and dissolved oxygen levels up. Epsom salt helps draw out liquids, so mainly useful for bloating and fluid retention. If you want to use AQ salt in the methylene blue bath that would be most helpful rememdy over Epsom.


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  1. My 5 gallon tank 1 betta i had a month still have. I had crystal clear water but when used ammonia clear. The next day my tank was cloudy which found out it was bacteria bloom. I took the bacteria food out which was ammonia. I useing prime and water changes will not rid it. It reproduces the bacteria every 20 min to compensate. Best just change water and vacume gravel every 3 days or so.if needed stop till u see it clearing up

  2. I live in the city, and use chemicals that supposedly eliminates chloramines. You say to just use faucet water? Id like to do that, do you think that is safe generally?

  3. I have 30 years experience. 2 ponds + little aquarium
    Watching back your good movie.
    Cloudy water it means amonia or chloro or light environment etc.., but..the level of cloudiness. ..you must I repeat, you must check amonia level coming out from the filter. Little pipe with syring extracting filtered water then you know.. types of internal filtrations. Please dont think it means only amonia. Sometimes water contains extra chloro and the usual amount of conditioner can't eliminate chloro. If you dont like conditioner let the water settling for two weeks. Why? Because, a hidden product kills good bacteria. Two weeks! Including aeration… In case the same water levels are the same from samples water out/in, what you reckon?
    please I am not arguing.

  4. IMO you should only change out 20% max because with each change you take out the food that the bacteria in your tank and in your filter need so there is a good chance, IMO, that you could crash your bio-filtration at least in part causing your tank to recycle.

  5. Thanks for the advice..My 80 gallon tank that I have had running successfully for a few months went so milky white after I did a small water change.  I was shocked as it was as though I poured a jug of milk into the tank.  I did a water test and it showed a low reading of nitrate..  I watched this video and then cleaned out my filters and then did a 50% water change.  The next morning my water was clear and beautiful! 

  6. Marks aquarium take your 9 subscribers and stick em up your ass,my man has over 700 subscribers and is trying to help people on here,not run em down in the comments. YouTube Gangsta! Lol

  7. He didn't have a bad attitude,he isn't getting paid to post these videos if he didn't wanna do it,he wouldn't do it …I thought he was just fine,what did you want him to say?? I love you all lmao

  8. What worked for me was: changing the filter to a more powerful one, atleast a 70G, that power filters 350G per hour (I got it on sale at a Petsmart for $25…AVG price is $50 for a Marineland Power Filter Penguin 350 so you might get lucky) (goldfish are like "water piggies" especially Oranda) (no need for UV lights) and checking the cartridges to make sure they are in the correct position. Along with the cartridges I do have extra filter media such as stones (Fluval biomax inserts), extra Marineland filter pads and the only chemical I use is Prime – removes chlorine, chloramine, ammonia, detoxifies nitrite &  nitrate and provides a slime coat ($15).

    I had reaaaalllly really cloudy, I just wanted to get rid of the fish and fish tank because I had no patience seeing it cloudier time after time. I watched video after video and bought several chemicals that did not work. My fish tank water has been crystal clear and I have not done a single water change nor cleaned out the gravel in about 2 weeks! 

  9. help

    I am sleeping like 4 hours a day with work and school. I dont have time to change water every day plus the water that comes from my sink is polluted.

    For goodness sake I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 beta fish and 1 Tetra Whisper filter deal, why this water keeps getting cloudy is beyond me. I only used the chloro thing to help with the tap water…so frustrated here

  10. I have 4 cameras including a pair built into glasses (i-kam). Is the quality not to your standards? Its a touch below HD that is all? My analytics show you watched like .06 seconds of the video so maybe if you watch a bit more hehe

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