Parrot Fish and Grunt part 3

Guess who’s messing around in the tree again?! Bighead, Brownman and Lovett the puppy get up to some wagging and swagging, and we finally get a taste of the best damn parrot fish and grunt in Jamaica.
Thanks for watching, bless up!

Matthew & Mokko

Intro/Outro- Marc Guttamouth
Polyrhythmics- Liam Rides a Pony
Erika Crymson- Light Up

Music from Lion Riddims courtesy of Lion Riddims

Other music used under the Creative Commons guide:…


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39 thoughts on “Parrot Fish and Grunt part 3

  1. Why so much food? Lmto… I only known one Jamaican guy that doesn't eat a lot of food. My son's Jamaican side always thought sumthin was wrong even tho my plate looked full to me…lol. Ras would run me away eating a fistful of rice.

  2. Aye I'm trynna meet yall three before I start school if that's coop I'm from America. And I go back in September. I would love to visit. And eat his food along with his eggs. I'll pay I'll do whatever

  3. @Ras Kitchen, yo I've watched every episode at least 15 to 20 times now even my Mrs ask me if I'm not tried of watching yr vids and I can 100% say no.
    these vids just show you simple and good life can be.
    looking forward to more episodes. stay blessed king.

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