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48 thoughts on “Common Fishing Mistakes – IF

  1. I just bumped onto that video and I wanted to say thanks a bunch. I'm a "basic" fisherman and learned few good tricks that will certainly improve my fishing. Thanks! (I subscribed because of that video).

  2. Actually great advice, was originally going to post some rude things about his make up and corporate logos. I didn't know what the correct knots were for different lines. Or the wind, I always tried to fish where it was not blowing me around.

  3. Polymer knots work with all three line types. Ive used it on fluorocarbon for years without incident. It doesnt "break off all the time..blink,…blink." You simply have to tie it carefully and not allow it to get criss crossed when initially tying the knot. Do the normal through the hook eye and loop and then carefully pull the tag end and watch to keep the line stacked neatly. 16.5 pound hybrid stryper, multiple 5-7 pound bass, etc, etc without a break.

  4. I have a favorite lure, but I by no means use it every time. I understand fish are quirky and need variety, I just happen to like working that bait more than others. instead if saying don't have a favorite bait, you should say don't have a bait you will use only. Having a variety if baits at your disposal is absolutely essential to having a good time on the water. Plus I feel it's much more fun to work all kinds of baits.

  5. Hey, not sure if this has been mentioned, but the knot you are talking about at 9:07 in the video, you call the improved clinch knot, and in the video you overlay a graphic also calling it the improved clinch knot – BUT the pictures showing what knot is being tied looks like some sort of hybrid uni-knot – not sure why, but the diagram seems to show passing the line through the eye of the hook twice (like you might for a Trilene knot). Anyway – the diagram is most certainly not an improved clinch knot – did you intend to show that, or do you really mean a uni-knot as the preferred knot for flurorocarbon?

  6. Thanks. I am new to this. I didn't realize how complicated it was. Makes me like it more though. I like a challenge. I am gonna look so silly when I fish for a while. LOL

  7. I have been taking slack for using minnows for bait on rainbow trout…. get called a rookie…. Ha on them the minnows perform better than what they are using which is dough bait on a Carolina rig. I use a slip bobber with the minnows. Once I find my depth it is game over for them. After that it is the rate of fall, I can get them picking it up as it falls. The down side is you loose a lot of bait. I think because they are tail striking the minnow and pulling it off, but that is just a guess.

  8. Awesome videos man!!!! Tons of info even for a more experienced
    fisherman. I am now subscribed and will definitely be watching all your
    videos. Haha but I gotta ask…….are you wearing make-up?

  9. Thanks for the spinning reel backlash tip. I'll let you know if it actually helps. I've always thought that line twist was caused by junk barrel swivels. So I invested in some ball bearing swivels and the problem still occurred.

  10. Great and practical information. Many times fishing—the fish seem to suddenly stop biting all over the lake or pond. Nothing new seems to work. Is it a waste of time to go to lures and locations that you have less comfindence in-perhaps wasting time -or stay with you know works and stay in areas that have always proved productive and wait for the fish to go back feeding.
    chuck young

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