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  1. Last time I had kuhli loaches I moved them from my 5.5 gallon to my 29 gallon and when I told the guys at the lfs I go to they were impressed that I could catch them with a big net in such a small tank.

  2. This black ghost knife is known in Brazil as "Ituí Cavalo", and thats the worst thing you can put on a tank. It eats everyones eyes and destroys almost any kind of plants. Waits to the other fish on the tank to "sleep" so he can eat their eyes and fins

  3. I noticed your substrate in the tank with Corydoras, I was not successful keeping mine, their barbels were grounded off, and I lost them all . I was advised that I should only use sand as a substrate when keeping them. Although I have seen them in tanks with gravel in the pet store and in other tanks on You Tube , did they die because of the gravel was too coarse? Or was this a case of bad water parameters. I'm a beginner, wanting to learn.

  4. Great looking fish as always cory! Zebra Danios are massively underrated in my opinion. They tend to sell them way too small here in Britain, yours look great though. Keeping mine within fancy goldies at the moment

  5. I don't often watch unboxing videos, but when I do, I watch Cory from Aquarium CoOp.
    Seriously, I really like these, and I appreciate the cutaway shots of the fish in-tank.

  6. Great video guys! Why are albino fish so expensive in the U.S? I'm currently living in Singapore, and they sell albino congos for 3 to 6 dollars. Albino neons for 1 dollar and albino cardinals for 2 dollars. Is it because there are fewer albinos in the hobby that they don't ship them out much?

  7. Hey Corey, how do I stop my kuhli loaches, from climbing into the filter? I've already lost 2 of them. At first when I took them out, I thought they were tape worms, because they were all white and long. It's no wonder I haven't seen 2 loaches in a while…… Any suggestions? Lol Corey, you're almost at 80k subscribers! Pretty close to a 100k!

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