MYSTERIOUS fish we DIDN’T expect to be catching! – Creek / River Fishing

We go fishing a creek expecting to catch tiny fish but also get an incredible big mysterious predator! WOW! A nice change from our local more urban streams. Please excuse clickbait in the title, this is a bit of an experiment to be honest… lol!
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Our channel, Carl and Alex Fishing was launched in 2013. Our aim was to inspire people to go fishing, because at the time we did not have many friends who fished. Over the years we have filmed carp fishing, coarse fishing, fly fishing and even a bit of sea angling. We do not earn money from making these videos, in fact it costs us quite a lot to make each film. Because of this we don’t upload as regularly as other YouTubers as we both work full time, however we hope you still enjoy watching our films and maybe a few of you are inspired to get out and catch some fish.


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35 thoughts on “MYSTERIOUS fish we DIDN’T expect to be catching! – Creek / River Fishing

  1. Hey mates it's Felix From Germany,
    just wanted to leave a comment, to say how much i have enjoyed your videos. I have been following you for quite some time now and have to say that your videos are among the best ones you can find on youtube, I especially enjoy the filming and the cut. I am crazy about fishing as well, mostly going for predatory fish like big river perch and zander or the wels catfish. If you ever are near Frankfurt and got some free time to spend, feel free to message me on Youtube or social media. The main river in the city holds a massive amount of big fish, and it if the conditions are right, the chances to catch a good fish are quite high. In the meantime, i hope you get the credit you deserve and keep entertaining me with frequent videos. Fish on

  2. Can you do some pike dead baiting or perch floating please, I'm gonna be doing some soon so would love to see you guys do it. Probably a bit better than me as well :).

  3. I love your vids carl and Alex ! You help me a lot with carp fishing if it wasn't for you I wouldn't of went out most days and try to catch a carp even know most days I don't catch.but when I look at your vids it's makes me want to get back out there and try again keep it up guys

  4. Great video guys as always, Is there any chance you can make a video on how to take quality shots of you captures? Looking on your facebook pictures and the pictures are amazing 🙂 I cant afford an expensive camera so could you gicve some tips and tricks for a basic digital camera.

  5. Heck fellas you don't need to worry about pace where this old dog is concerned,  I can't keep up as it is, I got too much going on. I subscribe to over 50 channels but really only watch 3-4, this being one of my favs.  I am more concerned about your fishing time than your video output…don't let this pressure to post get in the way of enjoying our sport, life would be less bright if you gents ever got burned out on what you're doing and hung it all up, it's about fishing after all which kicks ass whether it gets video logged or not!

  6. will you be coming to wales any time soon? Would love to see your baiting and what you catch ! would enjoy finding out some new spots or show off some off my better spots ! great video, keep it up.

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