SAMANTHA FISH BAND “Shake ‘Em On Down” 3/22/13

Samantha Fish – guitar, vocals
Christopher Alexander – bass, vocals
Go-Go Ray – drums, vocals
Ukrainian American Cultural Center / Whippany, NJ
Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad
Video #14


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40 thoughts on “SAMANTHA FISH BAND “Shake ‘Em On Down” 3/22/13

  1. OMG This is fantastic. So refreshing to see women play such incredible music. 30 seconds in and I'm hooked.

    They don't have million dollar sound equipment. No million dollar light and lazer show. They don't have 20 backup dancers and 5 backup singers and no AUTO TUNE. And they are killing it.

  2. yeah, girl can jam out. but it's funny how nobody seems to give a $h*t about her music, just her legs, short dress and red hair. hot yes, but … come on. aren't all the dudes here not done going thru puberty yet? it's that single, lowest common denominator. jus' sayin'. 4get the music, let's just fantasize about having sex instead LOL

  3. SO So COOL! Like deep tribal-funk Cavern-digger Rocka-Boggie Pentatonic neo-groove Blues with a pyschahaulic reprise bridge. I want more. Love that whole red-hair-tight-short-skirt barefoot shimmy-shammy gorgeous leg-n-thighs goddess vixen thang she got goin on and bein loud and proud. Like to wear her like a necklass, don't mind me sayin.

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