5 Crystals For Energy – Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally

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5 Crystals For Energy – Boost Your Energy Levels Naturally

Do you have low energy levels? Are you tired all the time or suffer from fatigue? Here are five crystals for energy that may help you. Boost your physical energy levels with natural crystal healing.
Tiredness is a common problem and will affect almost everyone at some point. It can have many causes and is a symptom of many other conditions. If it is serious and stopping you from getting out of bed, always see a doctor. Crystal healing is a complementary medicine, so always make sure that you use it in conjunction if you suffer from any illness.


TIP: Try as little as 10 minutes of exercise such as Yoga or stretching in the morning to kick start your energy levels for the day.


Crystals for energy

Crystals for energy (pin to Pinterest)

In my experience, there are crystals that give a boost to my energy levels. These tend to be stones of the Fire element and Lower Chakras, but not always. I have also noticed they are often Iron-rich stones and Iron is a mineral that we all need for energy. To really benefit from them you would need to wear or carry the stone with you all day and every day if the problem is longterm.
You may find that you only need to carry or wear the stone when you need it, such as while at work for example or after a bad night’s sleep. You can remove the crystal when you are home so you can relax.
I do not recommend you sleep with an energy-boosting stone or place any near the bed as they could keep you up. If you feel anxious with the stone, remove it and test shorter periods of use, like one hour a day for example.


TIP: You can combine an energising crystal with a piece of Clear Quartz to amplify its effects. Clear Quartz also increases the size and vibrancy of your aura.


Clear Quartz can further boost the properties of other crystals

Clear Quartz can further boost the properties of other crystals


As always you only need one crystal, so choose by the properties or use your intuition. If you have a few available, test them out and see which crystal works best for you. I will share my personal favourite and the one I recommend to anyone who needs an energy boost…


Garnet is my go-to stone for increasing your energy levels and boosting motivation when needed. Choose any red or dark red Garnet, some look almost black. Almandine Garnet is easy to find and highly effective. You can also choose Pyrope Garnet which is more clear.


Polished naturally faceted Almandine Garnet crystal

Polished naturally faceted Almandine Garnet crystal


Carnelian is orange to red and may have some white in it, it’s easy to find and pretty inexpensive. This stone boosts energy within all the Lower Chakras and helps motivate you. Carnelian is not too strong, so if other stones are too much for you, try this one.


Carnelian Tumble Stone

Carnelian Tumble Stone


This stone is a combination of three different crystals, golden Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper and Hematite. It should show a good amount of dark Hematite in layers. Tiger’s Iron is sometimes called Tiger’s Eye Matrix. This stone is both grounding and energising at the same time.


Tiger's Iron Tumble Stone

Tiger’s Iron Tumble Stone


Dragon’s Eye is also known as Red Tiger’s Eye. It is a rust red form of Tiger Eye. It is dark in colour with lighter red stripes that illuminate and shift in the light. This less well-known stone is a great energiser and fiercely protective crystal.


Dragon's Eye also known as Red Tiger's Eye

Dragon’s Eye also known as Red Tiger’s Eye


Not to be confused with Tangerine Aura. These are completely natural clear Quartz crystals which have come into contact with Iron oxides which coated the surface with an orange layer. They may be partially orange too. Tangerine Quartz crystals increase energy flow through the body and your aura.


Tangerine Quartz Crystal Point

Tangerine Quartz Crystal Point


Do you know of any other crystals for energy that you have found to be helpful? I would love to hear from you in the comments below (Please keep any questions you have on topic if you want a response).
With gratitude,


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